About search engine marketing and search engine optimization

What is search engine marketing

Search engine marketing; is the way you market your company's products through search engines.

Posted by: Susan El-Nagar

E-commerce consultant




Search engine marketing is a process that includes:

1. search engine optimization, either organic or paid (PPC).

2. Search engine submission.

3. It might also include, other search engine marketing techniques like; keywords research, keywords desnity analysis (KDA), link popularity, or search engine copywriting & metatags enhancement.



Simple steps towards optimizing your website.

Search Engine marketing plan

Below is a simple study that might help you in improving your websites’ SERP (search engine result pages), search engine ranking, link popularity, contents, code & design.

A- Search engine optimization – Organic results:

We are currently, using organic search engine optimization methodologies in order to achieve high organic results on search engines. After applying these methods on different case studies, it has shown boost & improvements in the websites’ page ranking on search engines.Our main and essentail steps used in these search engine optimization process were as follows:

I. Keywords density analysis (KDA):

Choosing the right, & effective Keywords or key-phrases is an essential step towards reaching the targeted audiences.

Steps in choosing your effective Keywords:

1- Keywords research, create a list with required key-phrases list better than choosing single or dual high competitive keywords.

2- Chosen keywords competitiveness analysis.

3- Select effective, relevant key-phrases that have good volume and not highly competitive.

4- Optimize & implement final keywords list in contents and code.

5- Selected keywords shouldn’t be highly competitive, at the same time should be appealing to drive the exact, targeted audience.

II. Link popularity and page ranking:

1- Increase link popularity, and link building using the following methods:

a- Link Exchange.

b- Banner Exchange.

c- Affiliation programs.

d- Text links, through articles, press releases, etc.

2- Enhance Link Quality: efficient link popularity depends on link quality, traffic and ranking of others pages.

3- Theme: create a theme when linking to other websites.

4- Link maintenance and follow-up; make sure your links on other websites is working fine and not broken nor removed.

III. Websites’ design & development:

Design should be both user friendly as well as, search engine friendly, to enable search engine spiders and crawlers to easily index all website pages.

Essential steps to be taken into consideration when designing your website:

1- Error page to be customized.

2- Fix any error links.

3- Create a site map page.

4- Create a robots page.

5- Efficient folders, & files naming.

6- Improve, enhance and tweak meta-tags, anchors, etc.

7- Create and enhance CSS files.

8- Important keywords or phrases to have priority in listing.

9- Minimize image or larger folders sizes in website, to increase functionality, and speed.  

IV. Search engine optimization – paid results:

Though PPC methods are highly used nowadys, but users behavior proves that organic results appear to receive better results than paid ones. We will discuss PPC methods in future articles or reviews.  

V. Site contents & search engine copywriting:

Effective SEO copywriting and contents are an essential step towards directing long-term targeted audience, driving free traffic to the website (since it increases organic results), and also boost ranking on search engines. Since, “… content is the king” as said by some search engine optimizers, suggest the following steps to improve the contents:

Steps to effective search engine copywriting:

1- Increase site contents, according to the chosen / required keywords.

2- Site contents enhancements and copywriting tweaking to contents and code.

3- Site contents writing/re-writing to be both user appealing, as well as search engines compatible.

4- Optimize metatags and html tags.

5- Optimize amount and text length for website pages.

6- Frequent update to site contents, “Keep it fresh”.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is another method to market your services, or products on the internet. Since the online market is increasing day after day, you need to drive audience to your products, you need them to know about you and what you offer. Besides, the great importance of search engines, here are some other ideas, that will also, aid you in marketing your products online and increase hits on your website:

B- Online marketing methods:

Below is a glance about some of the additional online marketing programs, that will aid improving the sales of the websites’ products and services.

1-Affiliate programs:

Find the right affiliate program as well as the right website to affiliate with, affiliate cooperation should be with in the theme of the company. We will discuss affiliate programs in other reviews.

2- Products & services vs. customers:

1- Enhance product or service offered to audience.

2- If possible offer your audience flexible services that they can tailor according to their needs and requirements.

3- Frequent promotions and sales offer on products, to tempt audience to buy from the website or return back, seeking promotions.

4- Improve products display to be more attractive.

5- Create a customers list.

6- Always keep in contact with old customers, old customers are always returning ones. Returning customers are valuable.

7- Announce latest products on e-newsletter targeting the right market, and also on the website home page.

3. Online banners advertising:

 1. If possible and can afford the cost you can add banners on major, well known websites Ex: yahoo, msn, or you might also find other well known websites related to your service, if you can advertise or add your banner their go ahead.

2. Banners advertising is important for creating branding awareness, & for encouraging new or returning audience.

3. Advertise in Ezines.

4- Keep intouch with your clients through Auto Response methods:

 For example you can create auto response e-mails to:

That was a complete overview, and ideas suggested to help in your online marketing campaign, & search engine marketing methodologies. Hope it can help you in your online business. I'll be glad to answer your inquiries or questions.