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Network Security Enumeration Solutions

Network enumeration is the final step after network foot printing and network scanning.   Network Enumeration is the exploit used by network intruders to discover the devices on a network. Network intruders and attackers tend to use unconcealed discovery protocols such as ICMP and SNMP to gather information, they may also scan various ports on remote hosts or severs in an attempt to further identifications of a remote host. 

Most vulnerability Scanners will also perform network enumeration task and a whole lot more. As you see, your network and data integrity might be subjected to malicious actions without knowing, these malicious exploits might gave a negative impact on your company’s online business.

Secure Business Infrastructure (SBI) will discover the attempts used to intrude & probe your network system. SBI team will also determine the attackers and network intruders who begin to identify your network users, accounts or any other poorly protected resource shares. Secure Business Infrastructure (SBI), will protect your network against these anonymous users trying to hack your system.

Our applied techniques will block any anonymous enumeration exploits in your system. That in addition, of creating countermeasure to refine defensive strategies to protect your company’s or government’s network system and web applications.