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These are our most recent White Papers. It is published here to share them with you. Whenever, there is a new paper    published for us, you'll find it here. We would appreciate hearing your comments and participations, as well. 


Packet Saga:

Find available information about Packet Saga in this paper. What is meant by Packet Saga? Click here to read more about Packet Saga, or view online presentation here.


Multiple Vulnerabilities in ADSL router:

"... the encrypted passwords are not shadowed.......! look closer..... all users have the same user ID !!!! you do not have to escalate all users are administrators.

It may not be important but there is one issue that is left unwrapped which ..."

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Information Security Frame Work:

Download full version of the  presentation . Learn about what is meant by Information Security Frame, how to implement security solutions to your business and what is the weak points to be attacked by malicious actions.

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  Information Security Framework ppt        
  Open Virtual Organization ppt html      
  Packet saga ppt        
  Cyber threats          
  Building a small data center          
  Multiple vulnerabilities in ADSL router          
  Buffer overflow illustrated         paused
  Simulation Documentation in Egypt2020       Ch. One  
          Ch. Two  
          Ch. Three  
          Ch. Four  
          Ch. Five  
          Ch. Six  
  The Youth and the Education System   pdf ps rtf  
  The Demography Model: Computer Design, Interface, and Software.   pdf ps rtf

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  Demographic, Economic, and Environmental Interactions: A Proposal for Design and Software Needs, Using Visual Basic & Access.   pdf ps rtf

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  Simulation as Implemented in Egypt2020 Model   part1 part1 part1  
      part2 part2 part2  
      part3 part3 part3  
      part4 part4 part4  
      part5 part5 part5  
  Risk Calculation in a Linux Environment          
  The future of IT, telecom          
  Electronic Government Presentation ppt       A Presentation at El-Mishkat Research Center
  Pharaonic concept ppt        
  Building a career in information security